Busch Invest ApS has invested in 3 business so far:

Bloombox Club

I love to see things grow. So it felt very natural to engage in a business that both have a great growth business potential and also have the natural element of growth as Bloombox Club is a subscription model specialising in bringing indoor and outdoor plants to your house and garden.

Having a garden my self in London and no car, the concept felt right to me from the beginning. I don’t have to search for a garden center or think about how to get the plants home. And which plants to pick? These problems are all solved by Bloombox Club.

Read more at www.bloomboxclub.com.


Fitness should be more fun than it is today. You sit on your spinning bike and the trainer goes on “push it to your max – come on!” – but you don’t know if you hit your max or not. Put on your heart rate belt, connect to iQniter and now you can get a real overview of your results and get much more out of your training. Plus you can compete with the other bikers in the room – who get closest to their max. After theh session all members get a report so they can follow their progress.

As the best leaderboard for group training on the market, iQniter can help instructors to create challenging, fun and inspiring programs, including music and videoes, and during the session they can monitor and guide members to achieve better results. And when members are happy they stay loyal to their fitness center.

Read more at www.iqniter.com